Our smoke alarm program tests and installs hundreds of smoke alarms for needy households each year. Best of all, this service is free to eligible residents and the smoke alarms are purchased through community donations.

The Poudre Fire Authority provides the following services through this program:

  • Testing and changing of alarm batteries for those who are physically unable to do so.

  • Alarms may be provided, free of charge, for customers who can't afford them and/or on an immediate need basis.

*These services are available to homeowners only. Residents living in rental properties should obtain smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from their landlord, who is legally required to provide both. Similarly, these services are meant for individual citizens who need assistance and not Home Owners Associations or building/property managers.

**Please note that PFA can help people with battery changes and installation of alarms that are at 12 feet or below. We are somewhat limited by our equipment and have limitations as to what our firefighters can safely do. We recommend that people work with a handyman company to service and install alarms that are higher than 12 feet. We also recommend that, if alarms are located that high, people move them to a place where they can more easily access them for monthly tests. 


 Poudre Fire Authority doesn’t install, maintain, inspect or repair hardwired smoke alarm systems. The following third-party companies may be able to provide assistance, however:

Fort Collins Handyman: 970-599-1121

Brad Co: 970-231-1904

Handyman Matters: 970-482-0660

NoCo Home Services: 970-480-1112


If you need help changing your alarm batteries and are physically unable to do so yourself, please fill out the brief form below.

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Is this a rental property?

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Are your alarms hardwired?

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