Second-Grade Fire Safety Program

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PFA Fire Safety House_1

Here at PFA, we work diligently to improve community safety and reduce risks through our educational programs. Among our longest-running initiatives is the second-grade fire-safety program. 

Each year, PFA firefighters and educators work with Poudre School District and Thompson School District teachers to visit second-grade classrooms. In 2018, the program reached 1,964 students in 26 of 36 PSD schools, two TSD schools, and six private schools.

The program features the Fire Safety House, a trailer outfitted to look like a home, with a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Children start by stepping foot into PFA's "kitchen" to talk about the importance of keeping electric appliances away from the sink, and asking for a parent or guardian's help with using the stove or oven.

They then make their way into a “living room," and talk about smoke alarms and general home safety. "Matches and lighters are tools, not toys," are among the lessons they learn.

The next stop is the smoke-filled bedroom, where they learn the importance of closing their door while they sleep, to be protected from fire. Then they crawl low in theatrical "smoke," and escape through the back window, all gathering at the established safety meeting place.

To round out their lesson, they learn “Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll," and practice their skills by rolling across the green carpet laid out for these fire-safety stars. 

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