Mission, Vision, and Values

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2018 PFA Vision Mission Values Image

Poudre Fire Authority (PFA) is a multi-faceted entity. As PFA’s Mission and Vision Statements outline, we are an organization, a family, and a community partner. This document attempts to capture the fundamentals of each of these characteristics in more detail, and describes the standards we strive to achieve as individuals and as a team. The “PFA Values, Mission, and Vision: Our Cultural Philosophy and Moral Declaration” document is based on the broad concepts expressed in our Vision, and its intent is to detail and clarify the Vision’s underlying ideas. It was developed through input from the entire organization and brought together by a group of PFA personnel with a broad diversity of ideas and backgrounds. It is a dynamic document, one that will be an ongoing work-in-progress – because PFA itself will always be changing, evolving, and growing.