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Lastest News

  • Structure Fire-4132 Ann St
    Structure Fire-4132 Ann St Fort Collins, CO – A resident was able to notify Fort Collins-911 early this morning of a fire at his residence after he drove to PFA Volunteer Fire Station 9 located at the south end of Horsetooth Reservoir. He had to use the emergency phone located at the front of the station because he could not retrieve his personal phone prior to evacuating. The man’s family and their dog also were able to escape safely prior to him calling 911.
  • PFA Observes September 11th
    PFA Observes September 11th Poudre Fire Authority will observe September 11th, also known as Patriot Day, with small ceremonies at each fire station.
  • 4200 S College Ave Restaurant Fire
    4200 S College Ave Restaurant Fire Two Fort Collins Police Services officers, Justin Gallimore and Matt Hahn, worked with off-duty PFA firefighter Jason Gallimore to help save a restaurant from severe damage today. The three were having lunch when they were alerted to a fire in the kitchen. They immediately took action by notifying dispatchers, evacuating the business and attempting to extinguish the fire located on and above a stove. Using two fire extinguishers they were able to slow the fire but not fully extinguish it. Shortly after fire companies arrived fire was shooting above the roof. Firefighters were able to get a quick knockdown thereby containing damage to the kitchen hood vent system.
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